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Automate your browser by connecting blocks.

Automa is a browser extension for browser automation. From auto-fill forms, doing a repetitive task, taking a screenshot, to scraping data of the website, it's up to you what you want to do with this extension.

Automa screenshot

Scrape Data

Scrape data from a website and export it as JSON or CSV, or insert it into Google Sheets

Record Workflow

Automatically create a workflow by recording your actions.


See the history of a workflow that you have executed or export the data that had been collected.


Automatically run multiple workflows in sequence

Automate any website the way you want

Automa has provided various kinds of blocks that will help you do automation, and all you need to do is connect them.

Set the trigger of the workflow

Want your workflow to run every day or every time you visit a specific website?

You can set the workflow trigger on the trigger block.

Try a workflow from the marketplace

There're dozens of workflows been shared by Automa users which you can add and customize.

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